Door Magnet Screen for Mosquito Screen

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Magnet Polyester Mesh Self-closing Fly Screen Door Curtain

The magnetic screen curtain door is a very practical simple screen curtain product, it’s consist of polyester mesh, hook tape, magnetic strip and some other accessories. The magnetic screen curtain door is suitable for most of room door, it easy to install and can effective in preventing mosquitoes from entering your room. What’s more, when you come in or leave your room, you don’t use your hand close the screen door, because it can close automatically.

Product Magnetic Insect Screen Curtain
Certificate CE, TUV, BSCI , ICS
Material 1.Magnetic/polyester mesh /hook tape/ naill
(1)2 Pieces meshes
(3)1 magnetic strip
(4)20 nails
(5)12 couples Hook tapes, size: 6*2 cm/one piece
Sizes 90*210 cm
100*220 cm
100*250 cm
150*250 cm
Max size 150*250 cm
Colors White/Black
Sale mode Fixed Size

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