Training management system

1 purpose
To tie in with the development of the sales department, improve staff quality, enhance the ability of employees to work and management ability, and in a planned way to enrich their knowledge and skills, exert its potential capability, establish a good interpersonal relationship, familiar with and master the customs laws and regulations, established the system of training management (hereinafter referred to as the system), as the basis of all levels of personnel training implementation and administration.
2 power and responsibility division
(1). For formulation, amendment training system;
(2). reporting to department training plan;
(3). Contact, organize or assist in the implementation of the company to finish the training course;
(4). Check and evaluate training implementation;
(5). Building management department internal trainer team;
(6). To be responsible for all the training records and related data archive;
(7). Tracking examination training effect.
3 training management
3.1 general
(1). The training arrangement should be based on employee responsibility, and connecting with the personal interest, on the basis of voluntary try to be fair.
(2). All company staff, all have to accept the rights and obligations of related training.
(3). The department training plan, conclude and modification of the system, all the related training programs, the department as the main accountability unit, the relevant departments have put forward improving opinion and cooperate with the implementation of the rights and obligations.
(4). Department of training implementation, and effect feedback and evaluation such as the work of the department as the main, and liable to supervise reported the implementation of training.All departments must give the necessary assistance.
3.2 personnel training system
Employment must put forward a plan of choose and employ persons, unified summary to the department manager and submitted for examination and approval of the company after the human resources department.
After the recruitment, need after six months of system and professional training, after examination to formally create positions.
Training system includes four modules.
3.2.1 orientation for new employees
3.2.2 internship employee division DaiTu on-the-job training
3.2.3 internal training
1) training object: overall.
2) training purpose: to rely on the internal trainer force, the maximum validity using internal resources, strengthen internal communication and communication, form the learning atmosphere of helping each other, and enrich the staff’s amateur study life.
3) training forms: in the form of lectures or seminars, symposia.
4) the training content: relating to the laws and regulations, business, management, office of multiple aspects, and employee interested amateur knowledge, information, etc.
3.3 to formulate the training plan
(1). Should be according to the needs of business development, determine the training demand planning, overall planning.
(2) can decompose the annual training plan according to actual condition, to formulate quarterly plan, prepare the training course list, and reporting to sales manager.
3.4 training implementation
(1).Each training course by the corresponding department internal qualified lecturers or controller as the master, should also be responsible for inspection according to need to write and read in the exam.
(2).Employees must attend training on time, strictly abide by the training standard, objective and fair assessment of teaching situation and lecturer.
(3).If necessary, can be written in the form of training effect, achievement eligible can work smoothly;Not eligible in accordance with the specific conditions for the repair or try again.

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